How do we learn leadership, or are we born with it?

At The Bushcraft Academy we do things a little differently. Leadership is a strange phenomena which is normally best seen when it is either obvious or completely missing!

Our best teachers and mentors have either been highly functioning or absolutely dire!

The Bushcraft Academy was created out of necessity when we found that there were very few companies providing experiential learning in Leadership skills and functions. We believe that you are the best people to decide what skills you need, maybe with a little help from us, however we are the people to tell you how best to achieve your outcomes, and we believe that using the outdoors as the vehicle for that learning creates a learning event that has a greater impact, because you are learning through doing.

We create learning events around your objectives, finding the aspect of learning in those events and as well as activities, we allow time for reflection, feedback, and have the flexibility to let each individual follow their own learning path.

We do not teach anything…..we allow the individual to take part in our learning events and take what works for them and discard the rest.