How would you start a fire with cotton wool?

What are the elements needed t build a successful and safe bush camp fire?

What are the best resources’ to collect and where from?

As ever, we start with basic safety precautions, First Aid preparations and methods of putting it out!

We cover many elements of fire starting, preparation, foraging, and practical applications, including:

  • Fire triangle
  • Fire basics- tinder, kindling, fuel
  • Sparking- flint & steel, ferro rods, magnesium
  • Tinder- man made/ natural/ prepared
  • Fire management- preparation of areas, fire pits, resources, drying areas, reflectors
  • Surface fires
  • Below ground
  • Above ground
  • Friction fire methods- hand drill, bow drill, piston

This is a practical course that will be mostly hands on with many methods, as well as other aspects of fire related activities

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