What is Bushcraft?

Much of what we do at The Bushcraft Academy are age old skills that are being lost, along with our respect and knowledge of nature.

The Bushcraft Academy teaches skills in a sustainable, respectful and friendly way, sharing our knowledge and instilling a healthy respect for ‘tools’ to use in nature, so we can be more comfortable in the great outdoors, be able to create a camp to enjoy the wilderness without leaving a permanent scar on the landscape, and being to practice in a safe and natural environment.

Our training is designed to fulfil the basic elements subject to areas and weather related changes including:

  • Personal safety
  • First Aid
  • Basic knife work
  • Using saws
  • How to use an axe
  • Fire lighting using man made resources
  • Fire triangle
  • Elements of fire construction
  • Fire management
  • Friction fire lighting
  • Safe construction of natural shelters
  • Using sheets and bivis
  • Campcraft
  • Safe water
  • Foraging
  • Basic cooking
  • And other subjects depending on the length of the course and the client group.

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