Gary_Mapletoft The Bushcraft Academy

“22 years of leadership development within the Royal Marines provides you with a sense of professionalism, focus and team development. Nobody gets anywhere without a good team, but a good team deserves a great leader; and that was my inspiration behind setting up The Bushcraft Academy.

Following my time with the Royal Marines, I spent 8 years within corporate HR, which gives me a unique blended skillset to provide training, coaching and mentoring for businesses, that includes a military discipline and focus, and also the practical soft skills experience that will help people of all ages become better leaders and survivalists.

I am focused on helping both teams and individual leaders who want to grow their business through focused leadership. The result is trained managers and Directors or owners of small businesses who can carry out their duties to help the staff focus on business growth, change management and problem solving.

Equally, I can work with school age children in teaching them about the outdoors and the skills that cannot be learned in the classroom. Leadership skills can be applied to children of any age.”

Specialities: Leadership development and coaching for one 2 one situations, personal growth coaching, leadership training for middle to senior management, lifestyle coaching, exercise and nutrition, leading networking groups, helping grow business, linking businesses